Theft Responsibility – whose is it?

It’s hard to imagine during these unprecedented times that there is still an element out there, stealing from others.  Many of us are beyond caring why, we just want it to stop and we want theft responsibility, not just slapped on the back of the wrists and let loose to find another score.  Police do their best, but the courts (when they are caught) decide for whatever reason,  that the general public can handle the risk of another theft in the name of rehabilitation, and so let them free, with little to no compensation to the original victim.

We should look deeper into our response to theft

Our hands are tied, many of us frustrated at the lack of accountability to the ones that do wrong and lack of support for the ones that do right.  In the meantime, we all get to pay higher insurance premiums to replace the items stolen, just so these people have something nice and new to steal in the future. This is fuelling an industry thats gaining far too much momentum. 

We are told We don’t understand the circumstances behind the wrong doing and each case needs to be judged based on it’s own merits. In a logical and humanitarian sense, this is true and a very worthy Philosophy.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t  account for the dishonesty and exploitation by some individuals of a system focused on building a better community through tolerance & understanding.

What have the courts achieved through all of this? They have taken away self-responsibility, theft responsibility.

The balance is tipped. We play by the rules, the thieves play by no rules in a game that we can never win.   

The role we play

Unfortunately, we also leave the responsibility of managing this problem to the enforcers, believing we have no power. But the power of the police comes from us, from our knowledge and our involvement.  We are the community & and we are far more powerful than any court or police force could ever be.

If COVID-19 has done anything, it has exposed our extreme dependence level in almost every facet of our existence.  From our dependence on other countries economies right down to how we put food in our mouths to deciding that we may well die if we don’t have enough toilet paper.

Maybe its time to start focusing on how we can help ourselves, and changing things for the better on our level, because we are the foundations of our community, not our government and not the rest of the world.  They are just the bodies we have been conditioned to pass all our responsibilities to.  Is it possible that we have deflected our responsibilities, which in turn has weakened our global standard of self-responsibility?

Maybe we should be more community minded, look after ourselves and look out for each other more.  Lets share information and make property theft our business.  Pay attention to suspicious activity,  record registration numbers & help the police where we can.  Record serial numbers of your valuables, take photos and start making life hard for criminals.  If you have any ideas on what more we could do, please share, we really can make a change.