One simple rule to follow when listing an Ad – so people can find it:

Describe it!

One of the most common mistakes when listing an ad is just posting a photo of the item with no description. Many people believe that a photo says it all!  In many cases it does, but not in this case. 

The problem is a photo is just a photo and unless it comes with descriptive tags, a photo on its own won’t show up in the search results. unless it’s been added to an indexed database, where further description is necessary.

Even if it has been listed in the right category on a database, your ad may be competing with hundreds of similar ads. 

That’s where your description plays a very important part.

Details such as the: Make/Brand, model number and colour can  refine search results in some cases from 1000 ads down to a dozen or so.  Meaning 1. Your ad will show up first and 2. People searching for your ad are much less likely to give up the search early.

Take the below ads as an example:

Ad 2 has just a photo with very little description.  If you are lucky enough to see this ad at the right time, then it will probably work well enough – you have the ad, you have the author of the ad for contact details, so all is good.

But say you saw this ad one day, when briefly browsing your timeline, it meant nothing to you then, but a week later you see a very similar item abandoned and want to find this ad again.  You have two dilemmas:  1.  To remember which facebook page you saw the ad and on and 2. What words do you use to search for the ad? (remembering that the post had very little description attached to it).  The only option you are left with is possibly an hour of scrolling down the timeline to find it (assuming you have the right facebook page to begin with!)

Ad 1 is a different scenario.  Because it has descriptive text added to it, you have the power of those search words, which means your chances of finding the ad again are much higher.

This rule also applies to online databases such as  Although you have an added advantage of the item being indexed in the relevant category, which definitely helps, but if your item is a popular item where you are competing with  hundreds of similar items, then details such as Make/Brand, model number and colour will give your ad priority when those search terms are used.

Don’t assume people know what it is:

Try not to assume people know what a DRZ400 is. Most motorcycle enthusiasts will know but the majority of people won’t, meaning if you have only used the word ‘DRZ400’ to describe your bike in your ad and the finder searches for a ‘Suzuki’ – your ad will not show up. Be comprehensive in your description.

One other thing to consider about photos is to leave the photo to stand on its own.  Ie. Don’t include your text in the photo, unless you also include the same text ‘as text’ that you type with your ad. As shown in Ad 1. The reason for this is that text in your photo, isn’t recognised as text – its just part of the photo, which is really just a bunch of pixels. As such, can’t be used as search words.

Generally speaking if can select your text, then it will be recognised as a search word and you are doing it right.

It’s a little more work, but can make a  big difference.

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August 12, 2020 9:30 pm