Covid-19 The perfect Opportunity

Few of us on this planet are unaffected by the recent outbreak of Covid-19. Australia is in lock down and the majority of us are at home for way longer than most of us are happy with.

It’s a very rare opportunity we have to tick off a few things off the long standing list of things to do.

One of which is to take a log of property we have in case an item is lost or stolen in the future. There is nothing worse than losing a beautiful family heirloom and unique piece of jewellery, which no description can do justice.

Thankfully, with today’s technology, this is a very simple task. Smart phones these days come with well equipped camera’s perfectly designed for the job.

Put an hour aside one day and take photos of all your valuable assets, focus on one item at a time and take different angles if warranted ie. Your pushbike may be a stock standard bike, but most of them have something unique about them. ie. scratches/dents or customisations, which will later help you prove its yours if it’s recovered.

for electronic items, take a photo of the serial number. Check the photo to make sure you can read the number. This will achieve the same thing, and also make it difficult for the item to be hocked if it was stolen from you.

Also, don’t forget your pets – you may be surprised how few good photos you have of your beloved pet.

Once you have all the photos, transfer them on a usb or hard drive somewhere safe. You will be so glad you did, thieves, not so much!

It’s simpler than you think! give it a go.

March 31, 2020 6:06 pm