One simple rule to follow when listing an Ad – so people can find it:

Describe it!

One of the most common mistakes when listing an ad is just posting a photo of the item with no description. Many people believe that a photo says it all!  In many cases it does, but not in this case. 

The problem is a photo is just a photo and unless it comes with descriptive tags, a photo on its own won't show up in the search results. unless it’s been added to an indexed database, where further description is necessary.

Even if it has been listed in the right category on a database, your ad may be competing with hundreds of similar ads. 

That’s where your description plays a very important part.

Details such as the: Make/Brand, model number and colour can  refine search results in some cases from 1000 ads down to a dozen or so.  Meaning 1. Your ad will show up first and 2. People searching for your ad are much less likely to give up the search early.

Take the below ads a…

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Theft Responsibility – whose is it?

It’s hard to imagine during these unprecedented times that there is still an element out there, stealing from others.  Many of us are beyond caring why, we just want it to stop and we want theft responsibility, not just slapped on the back of the wrists and let loose to find another score.  Police do their best, but the courts (when they are caught) decide for whatever reason,  that the general public can handle the risk of another theft in the name of rehabilitation, and so let them free, with little to no compensation to the original victim.

Our hands are tied, many of us frustrated at the lack of accountability to the ones that do wrong and lack of support for the ones that do right.  In the meantime, we all get to pay higher insurance premiums to replace the items stolen, just so these people have something nice and new to steal in the future. This is fuelling an industry thats gaining far too much momentum. 

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Covid-19 The perfect Opportunity

Few of us on this planet are unaffected by the recent outbreak of Covid-19. Australia is in lock down and the majority of us are at home for way longer than most of us are happy with.

It's a very rare opportunity we have to tick off a few things off the long standing list of things to do.

One of which is to take a log of property we have in case an item is lost or stolen in the future. There is nothing worse than losing a beautiful family heirloom and unique piece of jewellery, which no description can do justice.

Thankfully, with today's technology, this is a very simple task. Smart phones these days come with well equipped camera's perfectly designed for the job.

Put an hour aside one day and take photos of all your valuable assets, focus on one item at a time and take different angles if warranted ie. Your pushbike may be a stock standard bike, but most of them have something unique about them. ie. scratches/dents …

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Why use All Lost and Found?

All lost and found is a static website / database. Meaning when you post your lost item, it sits as a static record on this site for 30 days unless you remove your listing before.

The benefit of this is that anyone can search the site using keywords and/or categories as well as location to find an item, making the chances of a match much higher than if they were searching for a post via a facebook page.

Social media is a very effective tool in spreading the word about something, but no so effective in cataloging and filing posts so they are easy to find at a later date. In other words, once the post disappears down the timeline, unless you can remember which facebook page it was on or who posted the item, your chances of finding something you have seen previously is down to luck and perseverance.

The answer to this dilemma is: All lost and found (ALAF). Once you ad your listing to ALAF, you can then share that listing to as many social med…

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Welcome to All Lost and Found

Welcome to All lost &  and thank you for visiting. 

This website has been launched in a bid to tackle a dilema we have all found ourselves in once, or a hundred times in our lives (some of us are better at losing things than others!)  Regardless, the problem has always been...... where do we look?  There are literally hundreds of places to look depending on what you have lost, ranging from Police stations, Council pounds, facebook, local notice boards etc etc etc.

None of these methods are guaranteed, because the chances that the person who found your property is thinking the same as you is pretty remote. Then there is the issue of time - how long has the property been lost before the finder makes an attempt to locate the owner, and if its a dog, has the owner shopped looking for it, because its been wondering around for 2 weeks, or has the finder taken it home to the next town to save it being taken to the pound,…

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