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When Lost?24/12/20
was it STOLEN ??Strongly suspect it was

Absolutely heartbroken 💔 you weren’t just a dog Walt, you were my (Bec’s) best mate. I know if you could of come back you would have.I only hope if someone’s got you they love you as much as me. 😢
#####UPDATE:Thank you everyone who has shared this post in the search for our Walt. He is still missing and our family hasn’t been the same without him. So I am putting up a $2500 bounty for his safe return or information leading to his safe return. Walt has a very small hernia on the middle of his belly which will 100% identify him. $2500 is well worth looking over the fence at the new dog that your neighbor has. I have people that would come grab him for me in every state of Australia. Any info call me on 0400910994####
CLERMONT QLD 4721 Cheeseborough Rd
Walt was born July 2018
**Police have been notified ***

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January 11, 2021 11:08 am

178 days, 9 hours