Additional Info

Colour/sblack / white
When Lost?October 2021
was it STOLEN ??No

Now a $100 reward for any information that leads to him being found or $200 for bringing him home personally !! I miss him and want him back where he belongs
My boy ash is still missing from Rosebery. It’s been almost two weeks now since he went missing. Please if you have him or have seen him at all let me know I can’t stand not knowing where he is or if he’s okay.
We had a housemate move out and wasn’t careful at all about the door as we didn’t end on the best of terms. I’m not sure if it was on purpose or an accident but that’s how he went missing.
Again he was being treated for his scratch marks around his neck and on his head from a previous cat fight which is why he was no longer allowed outside so it may just be someone thinking they are protecting a stray or doing the right thing by healing him or deciding he’s a stray and wanting to keep him but he’s my best friend and honestly like family to me and he’s very much loved and he needs to come home to have his medication I’m really worried about the state he could be in after missing so much of his medication.

Listing ID: 7716190666063755

November 14, 2021 11:29 am

578 days, 17 hours