Additional Info

Bird TypeGalah
When Lost?13/12/20
was it STOLEN ??No

😔😔Edit….. it’s now been over a month, and I still can’t find him… he is so tame, he would have gone to somebody by now….. 😔😔
Edit… it’s now been 2 weeks, still no sign, I’ve checked all the birds that have been found around the place, not him….. he’s still out there, and will go to someone eventually….
Sorry to annoy anyone, but I’ve just gone and had a look at another pink and grey that was found and handed in… but unfortunately it’s not Todd…. really got my hopes up too, so just wanted to put another post up in case someone hears or sees something …. not giving up hope yet….

Listing ID: 5425ffa5192a283b

January 10, 2021 11:00 am

177 days, 10 hours