Additional Info

Bird TypeRing necked parrot
When Lost?September 2021
was it STOLEN ??No

If anyone lives near Minimbah state school, Walkers Rd or Caboolture River Rd, could you please keep your eyes open for a white ringneck bird on side of the road or on grass near footpath.
I had a text yesterday saying that my White Indian Ringneck was found dead by the road near Minimbah SS. We went out and walked along to see if we could see him, but we could not. The person who text me was a kid, and couldn’t clarify exactly where the bird was except near the road leading to the school.
If any one finds him injured or dead, could you please message me so I can bring him home.
He has been missing for 5 wks.

Listing ID: 543615d6884be11b

October 6, 2021 7:12 pm

578 days, 9 hours