Additional Info

Bird TypeEclectus Parrot
NameOllie or Ollie-Sunshine
Colour/sEmerald Green
When Lost?10/10/19
phone number0484673410 or 0400223421
was it STOLEN ??Yes
Reward Offered$5,000

Please we need a HERO🤠…we need a MIRACLE💥..we need YOUR HELP 🙏TOWNSVILLE to find our OLLIE-SUNSHINE who is a Male Eclectus Parrot 🦜..he’s been missing since 10th October 2019 (nearly 6 months) & someone in Townsville must know where he is or can find him PLEASE? 😢 We just want him home safe as he would be fretting & having medical issues by now, & is of no use to anyone if he frets himself to death…💔PLEASE save a little bird 🦜& make him happy by finding him & bringing him home safe to the PEOPLE that LOVE HIM DEARLY!!! REWARD on offer for info leading to his safe return…NO POLICE 👮🏼‍♀️& NO QUESTIONS ASKED🤫🤐we just want him back safe so please call 0484673410 or 0400223421

Listing ID: 459606c0bc243bbc